I was recently directed to a webiste called Sojourners www.sojo.net She was talking to me about Glenn Beck’s command that all christians turn in their pastors if they are preaching “social justice”. He said “report them to your church’s officials”. So I turned my self  in to Glenn just to be safe.

That’s not really what I wanted to talk to you about though. I have been reading the blogs of the many and varied contributors to that website and have found it to be a helpful chrisian perspective on things happening in the world. What I have recently been looking for is solid Christian thoughts on Immigration. This is an issue with all kinds of opinions, some more valid than others. My interest in this is that fact that God seems to care an awful lot about those who are most marginalized in societies. Illegial immigrants fall right into that category. As a contributor said, “They live in the shadows”. I have found the contributors on Sojo.net to be extremly helpful in forming my thoughts on this topic and I hope you will stop by for a glance or two.

Please…Read it and tell me what you think.

Just in case you are using the fact that you need to scroll to the top to find this link to avoid checking things out, I will post it again. www.sojo.net