Reading other people’s blogs makes me feel kind of like a stalker… However, I have some how overcome this feeling and now I do enjoy reading people’s thoughts, seeing what they are up to, and hearing their recommendations on books, food, fashion, and any number of other things.

My favorite is . Sara Jane is a woman who grew up in my hometown and now lives in Dayton, OH. She is married with 2 kids, works part time as a Physicians assistant, and blogs a lot. She is smart and witty, and has a southern voice that comes through in all she writes.

I have also started reading the blog I haven’t cooked very many things from this site, but I like how she writes and the photography is lovely. I want to try her recipe for home-made pop-tarts. They look wonderful.

There are a few ladies that went to Union University with me. I only knew 1 of them, but they are all interesting and artistic ladies. They graduated and have spread out, but blog to keep in touch. It’s worth reading. The link is

Finally my Mom and my Uncle Ray have interesting things to say always. I am proud every time I get to read their blogs. Here is the link for each. Mom’s is and my Uncle Ray’s site is .

Hope you enjoy any number of these!